Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Out of The House

.........and get some fresh air. We have had a stormy few days here in Northern California and my young friend Ciaran and I are pretty darn bored and wiggly. So today is an outside kind of day. Hopefully a little running around will put things back where they go in my head, so I can come home and get some stuff done. Ciaran just really needs to get out and run somewhere. Poor little guy has spent the last few days doing laps around the couch and down the hallway to get rid of his excess energy. So we take the young man to Target to spend some of his birthday money on something grand! Mom just gets to browse for now,(except for a small purchase of a so smooth and chocolate-y ritter sport with cornflakes, if they have them!) I LOVE YOU CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! Then it is off to find some wonderful area to set Mr. Ciaran loose, so he can get all that energy out. Have a great day all!

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