Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eye Twitches and Extremely Poisonous Snakes

Yesterday was a involuntary "down" day. I am trying so hard to get my stuff together but yesterday, I just fell apart and needed the day to rest. I am assuming that since I have been sleeping so much lately that my eye twitch that supposedly went away years ago, is back with a vengeance! It is so bad now that my son is starting to imitate me when he sees the twitch. I feel like I am always making nasty squinty faces at people because it just involuntarily twitches and twitches and twitches. Another great side effect to too much sleep, is some of the wackiest dreams of all time. The other day it was zombies, yesterday, it was moving into a house infested with the most beautiful but deadly snakes there ever were. They were everywhere! In the closets, cupboards, under the sink, coming out of the shower, in the toilet, under the beds, you name it! I woke up a little freaked out about that, and started wondering again about the little being living in our cupboard. I just hope it's not a snake, that would just plain old suck!

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