Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've Done It!

I have finally made it throught my to-do list that was due at the early part of January! I am sooooo darned happy! Now I can concentrate on other things. It feels good to finally be done. I was feeling quite slackerish and wrong, then BAM! it all got done! Now if I could just shut off the t.v. and get my butt out of this chair so I could play around with some new ideas, life would be just dandy!

I did manage to get a new billfold done amongst all of my other projects. I love the colors, not sure if they will go over well, but hey, it's worth trying right.

I would celebrate with a nice long walk but today, I am not into walking in the rain, I usually don't mind, but after being sick and stuck inside for so long, I'm a little sensitive. I hate feeling like this though, all super sensitive and unwilling just to step out and deal with whatever is out there. I really believe that I get set straight with every outside adventure I take. I learn so much from everything around me. Not to mention, fresh air and exercise are great for depression and motivation. Even rainy day walks, they can sometimes be the best thing for you when you need a little mind clearing. Everyone needs to get rained on once in awhile, it is good for the soul.

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