Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Park of My Dreams!

I wish I was in this park today. It looks so peaceful. Not that I am stressed out or anything. It is funny when I see a photo of a beautiful place I can just imagine how it feels and smells. This was a park Mark and I visited while we were in Ireland. We stayed overnight in Tralee. Our B&B was a bit of a walk from the bus station so we decided to leave extra early to make sure we could catch our bus without having to rush with our huge backpacks on. We both had to pee before we hopped on our next bus so we stopped at this park's restrooms. Then we wandered around the park for a bit and took a few photos. It really was beautiful. I wanna go back! Hopefully someday soon.

I had a busy, busy day yesterday. I didn't plan it that way, it just crashed down on me at the last minute. I procrastinated around the house all morning doing little things here and there and then when it came down to making it downtown for errands I suddenly remembered why I wanted to leave earlier. It seems that I forgot about a couple of errands. OOPS! I got everything done, but I hate rushing around at the last minute.

Today I will be working on a small custom order and a couple other little items for my shops. I am hoping for productivity. We will see what happens. I woke up feeling like I could sleep all day, I tried going back to sleep but I kept waking up to Ciaran poking me in the nose and eye with his little slobbery fingers. Best way to wake up ever. Nothing like a slobbery eye or nose to get your day going!


kim* said...

Wish I was in England and at that park. It looks so perfect!!!

Brownies Vintage said...

that looks amazing, I want to go too!

nicaeli said...

A perfect park for a perfect sunny day!:)