Saturday, August 2, 2008

O.K. Old Bike Dude, You Are Trying My Niceness

The newest wallet is done! Yay! I decided to try to bulk up my icraft shop, so I listed it there. Black and red with polka dots, the best color combination ever!

So you may wonder why I titled this post the way I did. I will tell you because I have been fussing about it for the last day or so. So Ciaran and I are pedestrians, well, I am the pedestrian, he gets to cruise around in the stroller. Anyways, being a pedestrian and a responsible mama, I am super careful when I cross the street. I can't even count on my fingers and toes anymore the number of times we have almost been hit by a driver not paying attention while driving. Just the other day a man made a left turn into the intersection Ciaran and I were in the middle of. He just kept going, luckily I pulled Ciaran out of the way. I don't know what happened other than he just wasn't paying attention. Every other car in that intersection was stopped for us, but this guy just kept going.

A few days later, Ciaran and I were headed home from downtown and were getting ready to cross the street at a very busy intersection. Both lanes of cars saw us and stopped for us. There was a line of about four cars on each side, all of which waited patiently for us to cross. There was a guy on bike coming down the way quite a bit and I figured he had plenty of room to stop for us as well. So I push Ciaran into the street and then I see the guy on the bike coming up on us at full speed, then struggling to brake and cussing me out at the same time. Dude! come on, you had to see us from way back there, all of these cars did. Luckily Ciaran and I were able to get out of his way so he could pass us up at top speed and cuss me out some more. I muttered a few things about bikes being vehicles too and that the rules of the road apply to bike riders too. I did spice it up with a few very colorful words which I will not repeat for you here, I will let you imagine. It's more fun that way anyways. Anyways, I was so angry I wanted to chase the guy down and scream in his face and break his bike, but I didn't.

I did see him the next day, still riding at top speed, not paying attention to anybody or anything around him. I hope if anyone gets hurt from his recklessness, it will be him, not some innocent bystander.


Julie said...

It always amazed me, when my kids were still in the stroller stage, how you could pull up to a 4-way stop and just....sit there as all the cars continued to roll on through the intersection, completely ignoring you.

I'm pretty sure they are supposed to let pedestrians cross.

nicaeli said...

I thought pedestrians had the right of way too....although I rarely see anyone abide by that.