Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday!

Here are some beautiful swans from our trip to Ireland a while back, I was amazed at how many were in one spot!

All my custom orders are done, I have good coffee, my little jewelry project is done, and my son decided to sleep in this morning(as well as spending the whole night in his bed!). It is Friday and I feel like a whole new person.......a dizzy new person. Yes, still little dizzy from my head bump but getting better by the day.

So today is a little bit of work, a little bit of play, and an evening of pizza and applewine. Then I start plugging away for my Trunk show in September that my mom so graciously signed us up for. I have to come up with lots of leather cuffs and collars for this one. I have been itching to make some more cuffs and things but I just got sidetracked with wallet and bag making. I have to make lots of wallets and bags too! Eek! got to get to work! Have a great weekend everyone.

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