Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lots of Peace and Love Around Here

Well lots of wallets with peace and love themes. These are my newest custom pieces I just finished. I really like the colors in the billfold. I will have to experiment further with those. So I haven't been around for a few days mostly because I got a few custom orders and I was sick at the same time. One of those tricky illnesses that make you think your better one second and the next second you feel like crap. I am still a little wobbly, but ready to join the living once again. Today will be another day of custom order fun. I have a wristlet to make and a jewelry piece to finish. I love it when I am busy! A little overwhelming but much better than sitting around wondering what to start next.

Tomorrow, Ciaran and I are having lunch with friends and searching out some fresh leather pieces. I am finding myself in need of some bright colors again. My supplies are starting to diminish a bit. Eek! I love my lime green suede and my salmon orange suede and they are almost gone! So I will go searching for some more fabulous colors to call my own. That's my plan and I will hopefully be able to stick to it, sickness or not.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Hey we are both 38 and the year other rooster. I've only got a few more days in this 38 year old skin. Soon to be 39!!!!

nicaeli said...

Happy Birthday! I will be 39 next week:)