Friday, August 29, 2008

Nightmares About Shipping

So this week has been pretty busy. I am juggling mommy-ness with custom orders, getting my shop stuffed with stuff, and getting ready for a trunk show week after next. In between all of this I am packaging up orders and shipping them off which is usually o.k. but this week I had to do all of my shipping on one day so I got confused. I know everything is going to the proper place but I woke up from a little nap with my heart pounding because I dreamed I shipped everything to different addresses and nothing got to where it supposed to go. Eek! I remember a while back when I worked at a local jewelry manufacturer and part of my job was to help with shipping. The job was ridiculously overwhelming to begin with, I spent most days not taking any breaks and usually left feeling like I had gotten nothing done, and they had the most confusing shipping system I had ever seen. As a result I almost lost my job for mixing up shipping costs for different packages. Now I am extra sensitive about my shipping so I don't have the same sort of problems with confusion. Who knows, maybe I did screw up but at least I can fire myself, not some other ding-bat that gets comfort from pushing too much work on other people. Hmmmm, I sound a little bitter there, I need to get over that.

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