Friday, April 2, 2010

There will be No Napping Here.

As I write this Ciaran is running laps from the front door to the bookcase in a sort of half run, half skip, half hop, and Ms. Edolie is singing to her musical lamb in her loudest screechy voice while kicking her feet and waving her arms like she is trying to swim away some where. It is supposed to be nap time, but neither of the kiddos have fallen under the sleepy nap fairy spell. Ciaran stopped taking naps a few months ago and enjoys "quiet time" in his room each afternoon. His quiet time consists of dumping out all of his containers of little cars all over the floor. Today happens to be an exception, he is enjoying "quiet time" out in the living room with Ed and myself because the neighbors are being noisy and he got too scared to be in his room by himself. Little Ed never really naps for more than twenty minutes at a time. I have come to accept that this is how it will have to be with the two lovelies for a bit. I did promise that when they are teenagers and want to sleep all day, I will seek my revenge!

So, all the wonderful new things I made this week are slowly being photographed and readied for their big introduction. I hope to have at least one or two pieces listed later today, but with these kiddos, I never hold my breath. Have a lovely Easter Sunday all!

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