Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Madness!

So Easter was a pretty good time this year. LOTS of candy, ham, and eggs! Ciaran was so excited to get his working truck set and a bunch of jelly beans and m&m's from the Easter bunny. I had to cut him off after he ate an entire bag of peanut m&m's and then started in on the jelly beans. So he decided to fill up his big yellow truck with all of the jelly beans and cruise around the living room with one of his hot chicks that his auntie sent him. Little chick is quite a daredevil climbing out of the sunroof like that!

Since there were many festivities I didn't really get to work on much other than finish Edolie's little Easter dress. It turned out really cute and although it was a bit too big for her still, she looked pretty cute in it, if I may say so myself. I tried to get a good picture of it but she had to be all bundled up and every time I took a picture of her she came out all fuzzy. Oh well, I tried!

So now I get to get my butt going this week on sewing, designing, and of course I am always cutting and gluing. I have a few wallets done, a few almost there, and a collar that is just about ready to go! I wish I had someone with a pretty and less "fluffy" neck than mine to model it for my photos. Maybe I can think of some fun way to shoot it without having to have it modeled. It would just be so nice to see it as it is meant to be worn. I guess I will just have to see what happens.

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