Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off to Find My Patience

I am sitting here waiting for some glue to dry and feeling awfully impatient. It's far too blustery to do anything fun outside even though the sun is out, so, I'm finishing up my experimental wallet. It's kind of a combination between my travel wallet style and my envelope style wallet. It's got two large slip pockets, one interior zip pocket, four card pockets, and a roomy interior. I went with a super vibrant violet suede this time and appliqued with orange, fuchsia, and emerald green leather and suede. I call it an experiment mostly because of it's size. I am thinking of making it a bit bigger so It will another couple of card pockets. That seems to be the one thing I am asked for most often is lots and lots of pockets for cards. This one is being made just so I can see if it's worth it to make more. So the experiment sits on my table getting it's glue all dried and set and I am watching Ed as she bounces and sings to her new best friend the block of wood. Pretty cute stuff.

My next few leathery projects are promising great fun and excitement! A new collar(or two) and another couple of wristlets. I am so ready to get them going now that I am having a hard time concentrating! So with that I bid farewell for now and hop down the road. I'm off to find my patience!

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