Thursday, April 8, 2010

In All of Humboldt County.....

This is my favorite house. I used to walk by it everyday on my very long walk home from work many, many years ago and dream of one day acquiring it and fixing it up for me and my cats to live in. I would be so happy there making my art, working in my little studio designed specifically for me by me. I would sit in the front yard and drink tea and coffee on foggy mornings enjoying the quiet. I would have friends and family come visit whenever they felt like and just enjoy their company. Most of all, I would have somewhere safe and wonderful to call home. It was would be my refuge from all the really miserable crap that was happening in my life at the time. Sadly, I never was able to get much information about the house other than the owner lived out of the area and didn't want to rent or sell it. Bummer. So whenever we make it out to the bottoms for a nice long walk like we did yesterday, I always check on my friend. My friend, this wonderful little Victorian farmhouse, is now melting into the earth as I write this. When I first visited it was abandoned but stood by itself with windows and yard intact, just dark and lonely. Now it is still intact but each window is boarded up and it is fenced in with barbed wire, KEEP OUT! signs, and overgrown shrubs and berry brambles. Now it actually looks sick and lonely, which makes my heart ache a bit. I did tell my old friend that I if I couldn't come to it's rescue and bring it back to it's former lovely self, that, I hoped and wished that some wonderful person out there would, and love it as much as I do.

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