Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Friday Fun!

I finished up the messenger today and the little card wallet design I had been working on this week. I am pretty darn pleased with both! I cut out a couple card wallets just because I thought it would be nice to offer a few smaller wallets in my store again. I think I may want to add a snap flap to a few down the line for those of us who are concerned about losing our cards. I know I am pretty darn paranoid about losing my stuff when it comes down to it and perhaps a snappy closure will make me feel more secure:)

Today is the big dude's 39th birthday and we are planning a very small but fun celebration for him this evening. Apparently we will be heading out to one of our local bar/eating establishments to say goodbye to one of Mark's co-workers, then home for homemade sushi and chocolate cake balls! THEN........ we get to watch Jaws with our cold and frothy beers gripped tightly in our hands. Hopefully, Ciaran and Ed will be merciful enough to sleep well tonight. Little stinkers have been eating up all my sleepy time this week! O.K. got to get movin', have a fabulous weekend all!

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