Saturday, March 6, 2010

What I'm Doing Today

My list for today is not very long or very interesting but I will share it anyways. Of course all of my projects are very exciting to me, but maybe not to everyone so I will not go on forever about the perfect pieces of leather and suede I have picked out and the madness that the new glue I am using is causing me. Instead I will just make you a list

1. Searching for more beads and baubles, the whole mourning collar thing has turned into a series of them and now I must prepare!

2. Gluing together some wonderful leather projects for some wonderful people. A pair of booties, a a new wristlet(to replace the one I ruined earlier in the week)

3. Going out on the town to search high and low for some storage for our apartment and thrift store antique shop lurking. I am thinking that I want to collect a few antique knick knacks to have around my work space to inspire me.

Thats it! No big plans, just Saturday stuff. I'll report back with my finds and results if I do find anything or have any results:)

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