Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow, Where Have I Been?

I just realized that I had not bloggity- blogged in a long time. I guess all that new baby stuff and just living have taken over for the meanwhile. I am still here, just a little busy with entertaining and caring for Baby Edolie and her big brother Ciaran, and trying to use most of my "downtime" to work on various projects and try out some new hobbies. I recently rediscovered my interest in working with herbs and am trying to make some infused oils. One of which I ruined yesterday, but oh well, it's all a learning experience I suppose.

I am trying to keep up with my shops, but it is slow going at the moment. However, I am finishing up things a few at a time and listing whenever I get the chance to take photos, which isn't very often right now. I am just happy to be chugging along no matter how slowly at the moment. I am just enjoying. Very many, very wise people have told me just to enjoy this time with my children, you never get it back. That is how I am looking at all of life right now. Just trying to enjoy each day no matter how it turns out(even though the last two days have been full of clumsiness and no sleep!) I can't help but feel really, very lucky these days, especially with all that is going on out there in the world.

I have had no sleep for the last few nights and I'm feeling kind of off, but in a giggly, silly way. I keep knocking stuff over, losing my balance and running into things(remnants of my bout with vertigo I think)and breaking everything I touch. So today is" get a free coffee day" at the mall with the kiddos and my mom. I am printing out my coupon as I write this!(Thanks Borders!) I have three wonderful projects ready to be put together on my table and I don't want to screw anything up so I will be taking yet another break from sewing until I walk more than two steps without breaking something. Hopefully, I don't pour my incredibly steamy cup of goodness all down the front of me at the mall today. If that happens, I am going back to bed permanently until this spell is over!

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