Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Boy!

Some of my newer heart shaped items in honor of Valentine's Day. I am excited about our Valentine's fun this year. Our little family will be heading downtown to our favorite coffee house for a coffee for mom and dad, and a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream for the kiddo. Then home to have a nice dinner together and to watch a couple of movies. Simple and sweet. That is all I want.

So, my dizzy head is giving me a bit of a break today. I can move my head in both directions and look down now without getting dizzy. It is so lovely! I feel sooooooo much better now. I was starting to think I would be dizzy forever! I actually finished one project and got another one cut out yesterday, even with my new plan for work. I just hope I can keep it up. I tend to work best in the "all or none" approach. Meaning, when I work, I can work for hours on end and not take breaks. This was wonderful when I wasn't a mom and only worked in my off hours from my day job. I needed that super concentrated brain power to work through all that my stressful work week had handed me. Now, it's a bit different. I need breaks. I need breaks to be a mommy, to eat, to drink, and just to rest. No more working until I am cross-eyed and sore all least not for a while.

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