Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Blah!

So, my latest adventure is having vertigo. I went to bed on Saturday all happy and healthy and woke up to a new world. One that just spins and spins and makes me sick to my stomach. I am sure someone out there would enjoy the ride. Not me, since I suffer from motion sickness already. The ride is a whole lot less than fun. I am proud, that so far, I have not tossed up any cookies or summoned Ralph. I just seem to be riding it out. At least today there aren't four different keyboards to type on, and I can see clearly enough to do a little bit of computer work and answer emails. My poor kid has been stuck inside since Sunday and is now bringing me his shoes and socks on an hourly basis. He looks at me and says in his most serious toddler way "Walk?.......Puppies?.......Walk?" Then when I tell him "No, no walk today sweetie", he promptly smacks himself on the thigh, gives me the stink eye, and finds one of his toy trucks to play with.

Poor little dude, as soon as I feel better it's you and me, a coffee, a cookie, and all the puppies you could possibly play with.

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