Thursday, February 5, 2009

No More Whining Here

I have given myself two goals today. One is to work a little bit, the other is too just go with whatever comes my way, and not get all frust-er-ated by it. Nothing is going to be perfect 100% of the time so I am just moving on along. Ready to roll with any punches. Although I am still a bit dizzy and a little stir-crazy, I am getting myself going for the day. I have stuff to do! First I will work on a couple orders, then I will play with paint. Lots of pretty metallic paint, so I can come up with some new colors to applique with. I am sure I will be taking lots of mini breaks for dizziness here and there, but darn it all! I am tired of sitting in this chair, only staring at the wall.(OOPS! that was a whine!) Off to work I go, with a big smile and googly eyes to match!

(Sometimes I have to put my own personal pep talks in writing in order to believe them myself)

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