Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, Blah-day!

At least my taxes are finally done! Fifth try now. Forgot a whole craft show there and had to go back and refigure.............again. It feels good to be done. Now it's on to pencil cases and a new wallet design. I am quietly playing with designs while keeping vigil over our dear Humbug Beazus who is on her very last leg. She has stopped eating and drinking, and barely seems to recognize we are here. She is peacefully dozing at the moment so I am taking time to catch up on my blog and other computer and shop stuff while she sleeps. I try to keep her close when she is awake. She just wants to sit and cuddle, not much else. I wish her peace and I keep telling her that I am sure her next journey will be wonderful and without pain. I am certain she will be leaving anytime now.

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