Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Bookmarks

So I finally got a couple of new bookmarks made up for my Etsy shop. I think I will make more too! They are super fun to make. I hope these two find good homes.

The orange bookmark is in the color combination that I wrote about yesterday. I find it to be super yummy right now. I still want to cover my walls in bright orange, pink, and blue and just sit on the floor and stare into it. I don't think that is something the guys would like to spend their time doing though. They just aren't into the whole color thing like I am. Ciaran would probably just ignore it, and Mark would make that face that he does when he smells something off. I would rather not deal with that face and the conversation that goes along with it, so I will just create bookmarks, wallets, etc. in my crazy color scheme and just stare at those instead.

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