Monday, January 12, 2009

The newest little wallet! I have quite a few of these to put together, so you will be seeing this and many others in my shop over the next couple of weeks.

Now, If I could only get the room to stop spinning for a couple of minutes, I could get back to work. My little tummy can't take it. I don't know what I did, but I am a bit dizzy. Oooh, I hate when my head gets swimmy! Though it should make for some lovely new applique designs. In fact, I think I created a whole fascinating world in bright orange, metallic blue, and fuchsia this morning. I might just paint my whole house in these colors and just lie on the floor and take it all in! It would probably make me even more sick than I feel already though. I just love when I hit a good color combination, I just love it so much I want to eat it! I guess I will just have to settle on making a few wallets, bookmarks, etc. instead. I don't think eating pieces of colorful leather is going to help my stomach or my head at all. Bummer.

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