Friday, January 30, 2009

Back To Real Life?

I hope so anyways. This week has been hard. We have been through a death, a funeral, my first years worth of taxes, a traumatic Dr.'s appointment for Mr. Ciaran (and his mom), and my stomach is still in knots. I have been on the verge of puking the entire week. For a week that started out so fantastic, with Ciaran's 2nd Birthday, it kind of went down the crapper Tuesday morning. I did manage to get some other things done during my dying kitty vigil. A new wallet design and a few other pieces that I needed to get finished up. I am glad it's all over and look forward to our dinner with Grammy and Grampy tomorrow. Steak and more cake! The only way to go. This time gooey chocolate cake with lots of fudgy frosting and perhaps some coconut on top!

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