Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby Tig

We got a new baby on Friday.  A 6 month old baby leachianus gecko, or leachie from a awesome guy in Tennessee!

Baby Tig in his/her travel pod:)

This critter was in the box too, I'm pretty sure we're going to keep him, he's not a reptile but he's cute:)

I haven't worked for a couple of days.  The good part of that is that I now have a hallway instead of a huge pile of ill-fitting clothes and shoes,  and a bedroom that is not a storage room! I am aching to get back to creating.........something! anything! I set up a work area in my bedroom that I will be sharing with Baby Tig( our leachie).  Tig will be hangin' out and being a gecko, and I will hopefully be doing some drawing.  I'm trying to use it as a quiet space for a bit of art therapy.  The last few years have been pretty crazy and all that craziness has somehow caught me all up in it's grip and I'm trying to get free.  I can't go in to too much detail since this all involves family and such, but it's really unhealthy stuff, and I want to free myself of that as much as possible, since there really is no hope of solving other peoples' problems.  So, I am kind of keeping to myself, playing with my kids, working on my art and designs, and hangin' out with my scaly, shelled, and fuzzy friends.  I try to stay positive and look to the adventure ahead.  That's all I can do, and for right now, it's working!

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