Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One of Those Kind of Days

Today has been one of those grumpy, can't get comfortable, can't get anything done kind of days, so I am looking at fuzzy and scaly faces to help me make it through.  Yui, our old guy is our sweetheart, he hides all day long and comes out to curl up with me on the couch in the evenings after the kiddos go to bed.  He keeps me happy and sane.  I'm so glad he's still here to curl up with at night.  The scaly wonder below is baby Tigiba the leachie.  I am so fascinated by him/her that I spend a fair amount of time just staring at her pink spots and beautiful eyes.  It feels good to have a house full of kids and critters.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  Now I'm off to track down an envelope full of wallets that I thought were ready to sew.  I can't stand it when I know I cut out a bunch of somethings and have no idea where I put them!  So frustrating! 

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