Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So, This New Thing I'm Doing is Pretty Darn Fun

I recently joined "Humboldt Art Abandonment" where us artsy people "abandon" pieces of their work here in Humboldt County or along their travels to other places.  Last week, I abandoned my first piece.  A mini mask that I had made and was going to save for myself.  By saving it for myself,  I mean leaving it in a dusty shoe box for years while I forget about it.   So, instead of saving it for me, I wrapped it up with a little note for the person who might find it.  I headed down to the plaza with the kids to run some errands and to visit their dad at work.  Then we headed over to the plaza and dropped off our little package.  The top picture is of the package we left nestled amongst the greenery of the plaza.  The second picture is what the mask looks like.  The note, well, that is a secret between me and the person that found it:)  Well, even better than seeing that it was gone after a few minutes of errand-running, I got to see a little girl and her friends discover it, that was the best!  I can not wait to do more!

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