Friday, November 11, 2011

Lizard Condos and Such

We needed to switch Lulu and Beazus to different cages so we got this cool little Exo Terra terrarium for a temporary lizard condo for Lulu since she is too small to live with Beazus right now. It comes with a pre-made background for climbing and I started out by adding some pebbles, charcoal, and mesh for drainage on the bottom. Then I added some coco fiber as planting/bedding material.

We planted it with some ficus, alocosia, and pothos. I added some moss that I collected for stability and humidity control. I also put in some monkey vines for Lulu to climb and perch on.

Lulu seems to like it pretty well, she immediately climbed one of the monkey vines so she could take a peek around at her new place. The plants I used are all planted in the larger vivarium as well so it should be comfortable for her. Lately her favorite place to spend the day was curled up on one of the alocosia leaves hidden away from everyone. It was too cute!

Beazus seems pretty happy too. Her temporary tank was much to damp and stuffy. I was worried that she might become ill if she spent too much time in there. Now, she has a lot more space with better ventilation and it's a little warmer for her. She's been exploring all afternoon.

I can't wait for Lulu and Beazus to live together but I would rather wait until Lulu is big enough to hold her own if there should be any gecko battles over territory. So for now, the big girl gets the big vivarium, and the little girl is nice and snug in her little vivarium. As long as they are happy, I am happy.

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