Monday, January 4, 2010

Waiting Around

Today is the day that Mark's big box of beer comes. So I offered to wait around until it comes. The only thing is that my kids are antsy! Ciaran NEEDS to get outside, and little Ms. Ed kept me up for most of the early morning hours being fidgety and still is. She is my precious gassy girl! So today I am taking the opportunity to oxyclean some stuff, since it has to soak and be rinsed throughout the day, and I will be here basically doing nothing. But, I will use my down time to put together a couple of special projects for special people in my life. I can do this during nap time! I actually managed to list another travel wallet on Etsy yesterday during nap time. I was so excited! Although, as usual, Ed woke up during my photo session and would not go back to sleep for anything. She is sleeping more though, and is starting to have regular nap times, not just little cat naps here and there. I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Its getting a little easier to find the time to work now that Ed is older and easily entertained by her toys. A lot of times I just plop her down next to me and we talk and make faces at each other as I cut and glue things. It's the sewing part that is harder to get to. She is super alert and any little sound, light, or change in temperature catches her attention and bugs her, so my sewing(unless the gassy one is in her crib)is done to the soundtrack of fussy baby. Oh well, can't please them all the time. I just hope that someday she'll get used to it so I can get this huge pile of ready to sew things off my table and into my shops....Oh, and I still have to sew together my diaper bag. Hopefully, I will get to that before she's out of diapers.

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