Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nervous Energy

After the earthquake we had up her yesterday, I have tons of nervous energy! I managed to get more sewing done today than I have in the last two weeks! When we came home from our very adventurous outing yesterday, we had no power so I spent the evening eating peanut butter sandwiches by candle light and telling Ciaran to stay away from the candles every five seconds. I was giggling to myself about cleaning off my work space earlier. Halfway joking, halfway relieved that I had cleared most of the clutter off of the table and found better homes for most of it. Otherwise, coming home last night would have sucked! Although, as precariously as everything is stacked and placed around here, nothing fell except a picture of our old friend Seamus, and he just needed to be picked up and dusted off. That was it! No toppling of furniture, stacks of paperwork, patterns, DVD's, paints, jewelry supplies, it all stayed put. Miraculous really. So Sunday was a day to be glad. Glad for our safety, glad for the safety of those we love and care about, glad for all those we don't know but made it out safely, and super glad for no extra messes!

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