Monday, May 13, 2013

This Week's News

Louie, peeking out at me through the palms in his vivarium, my very cute and very picky gecko stinker!

So this week is going to be a bit crazy, not as crazy like the last couple of weeks, but pretty busy/crazy.  I have LOTS of appointments and such.  I also have a little custom order to finish up as well as my newest set of pendants.  I think I'm going to spend Saturday this week just sitting in the big chair watching re-runs of old paranormal shows and such to celebrate.  The busy-ness has been good, a craft show, lots of work, a couple of super fun birthday parties for the kids to attend, many exciting adventures but now it's time to take a little break and sit for a itty-bitty while.  Then I'll get myself together and move on to more making of leather/metal things. 

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