Friday, May 31, 2013

New Wallet Designs, Air Plants, and The Chicken Dance

This week has been really busy.   It started with busy-ness, and ended with busy-ness.  Just the usual stuff, lots of errands, lots of child related stuff, and lots of trying to purge this tiny apartment of the unnecessary before Summer hits full force.  In between, I have been working on a new wallet design, designing some clothing for me and my Ed.  (Ciaran only likes blue jeans and t-shirts, so no new summer dresses for him!)  I'm also reading a lot about social anxiety in children(and adults), I tried my hand at a hanging air plant terrarium and I'm hooked, it turned out looking like some little alien plant from a Dr. Suess book!   After all that,  we finished out the week with the chicken dance at Ciaran's school today.  He was not happy and cried through the whole thing.  He's a lot like his mom in the respect that it seems to terrify him to be in large groups with a lot of noise, not to mention having to dance in front of everyone.  I felt really bad for him but I cheered for him and I am so proud he made it through, tears and all.  Through the whole thing I kept thinking that if someone tried to force me to get up in front of a group like that now, I'd probably smack them with their own shoe.  Go Ciaran for getting up there despite all your woe and worry, and letting me post a picture of your cuteness:)

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