Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Did This Week

 I made this for a dear friend.  It was fun to play with the colors and I sure love my bright turquoise leather!  I have a big piece waiting to be made into another bag for myself:)
After a nice visit in the morning with a good friend of mine, we headed downtown for a few things and to play on the plaza.  I wasn't feeling that great so we cut our trip short and headed home.  Where we found this lovely sight.  A stack of tortoises.  Poor Imogene!  

So now on to the weekend where I must research rivets and rivet setters, leather cord, wool dying, and a customizable pattern for a few "pretty dresses" for Ms. Edolie.  Oooh!  Then I can get to work on a new set of custom orders and some more flower neck pieces!  Fun!

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