Thursday, January 12, 2012

So This is What I'm Considering

I have been running things back and forth in my head about my creative endeavors for some time now. With all that has happened over the last meanwhile, I'm just needing things to be a lot more simple than they are. I have been trying to keep up with far too much and can't quite seem to make my goals for many reasons. It's all been really depressing and making me worry far too much. So I am thinking that I need to consolidate, get my motivation back, and then maybe I can strive for bigger and better things. The fact is, I enjoy what I do, I don't want to hate it, or ever come close to resenting it. I want to keep enjoying making leathery/metal-y things and I want explore and do more with both mediums. So my plan is to close my Artfire shop for now, I just can't make sense of putting money into it when I can't keep it stocked and promote it as well as my Etsy shop. In the future I may open shop on another venue but maybe just for some custom items and such. I will have to see where this all takes me. Hopefully, back on track to bigger and better things.

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