Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Have Nothing To Share Except for Cute Geckos

I Know, I know, I keep going on about this darned lizard vivarium and Beazus and Lulu, but they are really cute and I get so excited when I actually get a picture of either of them out and about. Or in Beazus' case almost out and about. Beazus is quite a lovely lady and just shed last week so she's sporting brand new skin to show off for everyone. She really seems to like that I added some taller, fuller plants to the vivarium so she can curl up and hide among the leaves.

Lulu is getting bigger by the day and is now developing some yellow coloration along with more spots all over her little body. I can't get any good pictures of her right now since she spends the majority of her time curled up in the many gigantic leaves in her little gecko condo. She is also calming down quite a bit and letting me hold her without trying to jump away as far as possible. I am hoping that by spring, I can put her in with her buddy Beazus and they can enjoy the big vivarium together. Lulu has got to grow a bit more and put on a little more weight. So we wait ever patiently.

I will be re-vamping the tortoise enclosure for Abner and Imogene in the next couple of weeks. I wish I could do some planting in their enclosure but they are little eating machines and chomp on everything that they find interesting so for now it's looking like I'll be making a "fake rock" background covered with coco fiber and peat/sphagnum moss. I am excited because I think it will look great and keep the kiddos a little warmer during the day which they really do need. I just hope they enjoy it.

That's the news for now. Other than my various reptile projects, I am furiously finishing up my custom orders and getting ready for tax time! So the next couple of weeks might be slow around here while I finish up.

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