Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Obsession

I keep messing with the lizard vivarium. I am thoroughly enjoying all the growing and changing that takes place inside. I just recently replaced a couple of plants that were not really thriving inside and it looks marvelous right now. The moss that I hunted down locally and put in is finally seeming to be comfortable and mossy in it's new home. We've even had a bunch of teeny tiny mushrooms sprout up! They looked so incredible, like tiny little ghosts hiding beneath the bigger plants, but, not knowing if they are toxic or not, I had to pull them out. I don't want to accidentally poison Beazus or Lulu. Beazus seems to enjoy romping around inside. I can hear her in the middle of the night jumping back and forth among the plants and vines. I can't wait until Lulu is big enough to put back in there so we can see how they both like living there together. I think other than a couple of plants to fill in empty spots, I am looking at another magnetic ledge for the girls and that should do for this project. I hope to eventually make them a much bigger home, but I think I'll wait until we have more room for a bigger enclosure.

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