Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going Away!

I am going away for the weekend and only my second time ever being away from my kiddos for more than a couple of hours. Mark and I are going to head down to the bay area where we will stay in a haunted hotel and see Rush play. I've wanted to see them since I was twelve and now I get the chance to at almost 42!

I am dreading leaving the kiddos, but looking forward for a little time to myself and some time to find some inspiration for all my creative endeavors. I have lost a bit of my motivation and inspiration over this last meanwhile and it really hurts my heart to be at a stand still. I think this weekend will be a good, smart kick in the pants to get myself over myself and back to making funky fun stuff. I miss it, I do! Wish me luck in getting my creative spark all sparkly and shiny once again!

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