Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes, and not terribly excited about it. Some sort of bug is keeping us indoors this week. Ciaran and I are pretty snotty and stuffy, Ed seems to be doing just fine or hiding it pretty well. Either way, I am getting pretty stir crazy. I don't feel well enough to do much of anything but not sick enough to just lie around. So, I decided to do some of my organizing done here and there like I always promise myself this time of year. So far, Christmas is ready to put away, big baby stuff has found a new home, Ciaran's room has been rearranged, and my sewing area is almost clean enough to mess up again. I decided that I would spend this afternoon baking and cutting out new wallets for a little bit of change. Ciaran and I made whoopee pies this afternoon and he and Ed got to do some taste testing. I think they may be a hit. So that is this week in a nutshell. Ciaran and I are hoping for a healthier and well rested week ahead.

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