Friday, February 27, 2015

New Things Finally!

I finished up a few new card wallets over the last few days and got them all listed in my shop and ready for their new homes.  We have had quite an interesting 2015 so far, lots of illness and not a lot getting done.  It finally seems like things are improving and we are down to one earache and cough, which is a whole lot better than what we've been up against over the last meanwhile. 

I have not had a lot of free time for much of anything so of course, nothing creative gets done.  Now that these little guys are all ready to go, I'm going to head back to the sewing table to work on my various projects (the most recent being a simple checkbook cover design) and get some stuff done!

I did get to hide my handmade valentines all about Arcata and it looks like they have all been found and given homes.   Since Valentine's Day has become a sort of blah, nothing special day around here for me, I was able to enjoy it more because of my little project.  I got to give some love and appreciation to my community and that makes my tiny, rotten heart happy.  I can't wait to make some more.  I'm thinking the next project is going to be something to do with dragons or monsters of some sort.  Probably in the same medium too.  Glue and pastels have been an awesome reintroduction to drawing and working on paper.  I am also kind of addicted to my metallic pastels and paints too!

Here's to having fun and getting stuff done!  Happy Friday!!!!!

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