Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Missed January!

I would to say that I missed January because we were so incredibly busy with activities and super fun stuff that I just didn't have time to post, but, no, I can't.  We've all been sick since the end of the year at least and we are now dealing with a nasty tummy virus that has gotten both the kids so far.  I thought I would post something before it catches me! 

The pictures above are for my newest project for the Humboldt Art Abandonment project.  They are specially made valentines that I will be placing throughout Arcata over the next few days.  They are simple glue resist paintings on black paper with extra special metallic pastel painting and a little bit of sparkly fairy dust to make them super magical!  I just finished framing them and will wrap them later today.  Then off to find some good "abandoning" places for them around town.  I think I'll abandon the first one tonight on my walk around the neighborhood.

I have been working in between illness and other various activities.  I even managed to come up with a new wallet design and finished the first one this week while I was home with Ciaran.  I'll have pics of those later when I get to sewing the rest of them up. 

I had such big plans for January, but, nothing worked out they way I planned.  We even had to postpone Ciaran's 8th birthday party because we didn't want to make anyone else sick:(

Now it's February.  I sure hope I don't miss this month too!

I am crossing my fingers for a healthful, creative, and happy February for us and everyone!


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