Friday, March 7, 2014

Red, Black, and Grey are AWESOME Together!

At least I think so..........  and Grey, purple and black too!................and............well, all the colors are AWESOME!  I just happen to like these two different combinations A LOT at the moment.  I am thinking that there will be more of these colors coming up in my work over the next meanwhile. 

I just finished up a couple of cuffs that I have been working on FOREVER!  One of which, I completely screwed up but it still looks pretty darn awesome, and it is still very wearable.  I guess I will keep that one for myself.   I am using rivets now, and with garment weight leather and suede it can be difficult to get those rivets set just right.  I am working on it though.

It's been a really long week here.  Not sure if it's just being inside a lot or my never ending list of things to do but I am super-tuckered-out this week.  I imagine it's the rainy weather and being inside more than usual with two kids and a cold that just lives on and on and on.  I've had to kick myself in the butt a couple of times this week just to keep myself moving.  As much as I love Fall and Winter, I am looking forward to a little more daylight to work in.  I plan to take advantage of it as much as possible, and not just for work, for play too:)  The kids have a lot of plans for us.  Lots of skateboarding, kite flying, park-going, evening walks, and hopefully swimming lessons!  We will see what happens with that and all of us water-chickens here.  I never liked going to the pool before the kids were born, not sure how I'll feel about it now, but I want my two to know how to swim!  Other than that, nothing much to see here:) the same 'ol stuff, just the way I like it!  Cheers!

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