Monday, November 11, 2013

The Newbie

 This is Linus, formally known as Nadine, enjoying some quiet time with Edolie.  Linus came to stay with us last week and we are all in love.

 He met Abner yesterday and they hung out together in a sunny spot on the carpet while I was working on my leather projects.  Luckily, both were cordial and just pretty much ignored each other.  Although, Abner just ignores everyone, it's just his way.

 I came out of my shower the other day to find Linus wrapped up like a baby in Edolie's cupcake blankie.  Apparently, he was tired and cold. ( This is what our dear Linus gets to look forward to in his life with us)
AND of course, the small stack of wallets that I hope to list this week.  I'm getting stuff done and it feels good!( didn't realize I loaded this but I'm supposed to be writing about my work, not kittens right?)

With Yui gone we really didn't know if we would be bringing another cat into the picture, but who could resist a face like Linus'.  He's got us all wrapped around his teeny little paw and that's O.K.  It's nice to have a feline presence in the house again.  Welcome Linus!

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