Monday, November 18, 2013

Slowly But Surely.......

I am reaching my goal, slowly but surely!  I've finally got over fifty items in my Etsy shop and a WHOLE BUNCH of others left to list.  I am still sewing but it's all winding down.  I seem to always fall about a week off of my goal but I'm not holding that against myself.  I'm getting it done and I feel good about that.  I have finished up all of the billfolds, snappy billfolds, and larger pouch wallets.  Now I am furiously sewing my way through a stack of tiny envelope wallets and those will be followed by the last of the small coin pouches and heart shaped coin pouches.  Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!  Cross your fingers for me that this week will be an easy one with very few bumps and such. 

In other news, our apartment is a complete wreck!  It seems that cleaning and organizing is just about impossible when you are gearing up for the holidays with leathery goodness.  My floor is littered with small bits of leather, thread, and lining materials.  Linus, our new kitten seems to like that a lot, he constantly has something to play with, and he's been really good about not getting into everything I am working on.  He's a good little guy and very patient with his new family.  If the kids had it their way, Linus would never be without  a lap to sit on and his feet would never touch the ground.  It is pretty darn cute to watch them shower Linus with love.  Other than that, we are gearing up for the holidays with a few projects to work on here and there and I'm getting ready for my next craft show at the end of the month too!  Lots of fun stuff to look forward to, and I'll hopefully have some pictures of all of our various adventures:)

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