Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Dresses and Other Stuff

I found a box of clothing that my mom had saved for me from WAY back in my baby days. Included in the box were three pretty, frilly baby dresses that are just Ed's size. Oh my goodness does she love them! She wants to wear them all the time. Luckily there is a really cute little frilly cardigan to wear with them since it's still pretty chilly around here for the most part. I have yet to get her in the last dress, it's a frilly yellow dress with little bloomers to match. Too cute!

In other news, we are doing some massive cleaning and dumping right now. The mold is taking over our bedrooms and it needs to be stopped! So I am sitting here in my living room among boxes and bags of stuff to washed, donated, dumped, etc. I can't wait to clean it all out! It has been way too long in getting rid of a lot of this stuff. I really wish I could pick up our apartment dump out it's contents, and set it back up, putting only the contents that I want back inside. That would be awesome!

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