Wednesday, January 13, 2016

All Sorts of Things!

My newest piece in copper, brass, and glass

So, the last I wrote, I think I was in the midst of our move to a new apartment.  We are now mostly moved in to a smaller and more expensive, yet, cleaner, drier, and less cruddy new place!  I have just started working again!  I am bouncing between metal and leather right now, trying to get some ideas that have been crawling around in my brain out and put down on paper, metal, leather, etc.   I hope you like the new stuff that I am putting together, I am excited to share it.  Any of the metal pieces I make now will be going in to my Princess Lizard shop on Etsy until I get all my crap together and move the leather pieces too.  So for now, one shop for leathery things, and one shop for metal thingys.  Enjoy!  and a very belated "Happy New Year"  to all of you. 

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