Thursday, May 21, 2015

Working on the Inside.....

The pennies are placed where the stamps will go

The stamps are done!

My first carved stamp!

All done?
Sometime last year I started contemplating having my lining fabrics printed with my own designs.  Then, I started remembering how much fun I had in high school with printing and painting on fabric.  So, I dragged out some plain white cotton from the stash that I collected from my mom a while back and started playing.  My first attempts were pretty gross.  Not much was happening except for mud.  I tried washes and dry brush and spray bottle painting and I was not impressed with any of it.  So I gave up and just kept collecting random pieces of cotton for my collection.  Then, I thought I would give fabric stamping a try.   So off I went to our local art store and got myself some fabric dye and blank stamps for the carvin'  and I finally got results I like!  This one is green with black hearts, and multicolored dots.  I think it's a mighty fine start, and a nice break from sitting at the sewing table too!

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