Saturday, November 29, 2014

Panic Time!

I just realized that the holiday season is upon us.  Time to PANIC!  I guess that will happen when crazy stuff comes up within your family, and that is all you get to concentrate on for a few days.  Now that it is all past, I get to concentrate on making some stuff! a hurry!   I got three wallets done and listed in my Etsy shop yesterday, and today is all about a HUGE stack of billfolds that will be going to Funk Shui in Eureka.  I decided to not do any craft fairs this year just so I could concentrate on filling up my Etsy shop and keeping it that way.  I'm crossing my fingers that I can keep this energy going!  It feels good to be productive!  I wish my poor sewing machine agreed:)

Along with sewing, the kids and I have been making things for the holidays, mostly from what we collect outside.  Lots of leaf collages, stars out of sticks and twigs, etc.  It has been so nice to deliberately go out for walks in hopes of finding treasures to work with.  I hope to have some pics of our creations soon, I just realized how badly I have neglected putting up photos from the last few months.  We have been busy little happy bees and plan to stay that way. 

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