Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas is Over.........Already?

The kiddos and the Christmas Tree at Wildberries
But it went by so fast!  It was peaceful and fun and quiet and all the good things that it is supposed to be.  I am finding myself having to reinvent our holiday celebrations since we really only celebrate amongst ourselves.  Since my Mom died, all of what we used to do is different, gone.  No more big gatherings at Grammy and Grampy's, no more gift exchanges between all of us, no more frilly Christmas dresses and dress pants.  It is what it is now, just simply a day to appreciate one another in pajamas, a trip to the park, and an evening walk to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood down the way.  As sad as it is to not have the family closeness that we once did, what has happened has been a good thing for my little family of four, a day of giving and appreciation,  as opposed to a day of getting.  That works for me:)  I am sure it will change and morph over time as the kids grow and we change,  and that's o.k. too!  It's all about going with it instead of fighting it.  Change is good.  I wish you all the best and a super awesome new year!  Big hugs to you all!

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