Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Huge Pink Spider

Spider Body

Spider Body with it's legs

Spider with Ed's cool socks

Hairless Spider with Sparkly Green Eyes

Spider with Pink Hair
So, I was instructed last weekend to make a "big, fuzzy, pink and purple, tarantula with sparkles all over it by my soon to be four year old.  She wanted a pinata, but ended up with a fuzzy pink spider sculpture with purple sparkly legs.  We are reading a lot about spiders here these days, and seeing a lot of our beautiful garden spiders or "pumpkin spiders" out along our walkway and all over town.  I find it hilarious that both of my kids are terrified of spiders but have welcomed the big pink spider into our home without even flinching.  I guess it's because it's kind of goofy looking.  Well, that has been my project for the week.  Ed is having her birthday party tomorrow with lots of rainbows, flowers, and butterflies so we are super busy cleaning and decorating for that.  I hope to have lots of pictures of her big day to share.  Monday, I will get to do some leathery work since the birthday craziness will be over for a bit AND I finished both of the kids' Halloween costumes!  I can't wait to sew up the piles and piles of leather that have overtaken my art table.  I miss it so:)

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