Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yui Haas

Our very special kitty Yui passed away yesterday.  I can't say I was surprised but I was not prepared to say goodbye yet.  Yui has been through hell in his very long kitty life.  I thought we were going to lose him quite a few times along the way.  It started with a seizure disorder he developed around three years old and lasted for years!  We were lucky that it was controlled really well with medication.  He seemed to overcome his seizures a few years back and we were able to ween him off of his medication.  He did have a few other medical problems though, most of which we were able to help him through and get him back to being the big burly guy he was.   He was the biggest, sturdiest cat that I have ever met, but he was scared of his own shadow.  He was my baby before the human babies were born.  He was the sweetest, most gentle cat I have had the honor of sharing my space with and I will miss him.  Rest in peace Yui Haas, we love you, you crazy tabby cat.

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