Monday, June 17, 2013

Feeling Kind of Icky........

So after being sick last week, enough so that I sent myself to the ER, I am now back to work for the most part.  It turns out that after years(and I do mean years) of horrid stomach problems, my gallbladder has been trying to break up with me all this time.  Now, it's made itself well known and I'm on my way to getting it all taken care of.  Crossing my fingers here:)

 I have some glorious stuff to finish up including a pretty awesome cuff(my first copper/brass/leather concoction), and some large pouch-y/wallet-y kinds of things.  I am taking it easy since I really still feel pretty gross, and, with Ciaran out of school now, I am finding that my free time for my work is minimal once again.  This is mostly good because it forces me to get out of the house and to really utilize the early mornings and evenings for my work.  The trouble is that right now, I am ready for bed at 8 or so.  Hopefully, everything will work out so I can continue to work without taking too much of a break.  It feels so good to be productive!

I'm also pretty excited to be a part of a project called Humboldt Art Abandonment.  I will be making pieces to "abandon" in various parts of Humboldt County and beyond.  I have wanted to do something like this for years and this is the perfect opportunity.  So, if your out and about and find something leathery or metal-like, it might be a little something from me to you:) 

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