Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Busy Little Bee

I am working on a lot of little things these days.  I am trying to get as many little copper/brass pendants made as possible AND I am cutting out and gluing things at the same time.  I had such great momentum going until everything in our apartment broke at once.  Not to mention, all of us have been sick non-stop since Ciaran started school.  Now, things are almost calm and with the exception of a still broken oven, a leaky roof, and a shower and floor that need to be replaced.  I can actually concentrate on something else! 

I am actually going to try to do a spring show this year too!  I just need to buckle down and actually sew some of this leathery goodness up!  Hopefully, the kids will let me work here and there and the endless phone calls and visits from repairmen will calm down.

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